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What kind of wood do we use?

Our Hardwoods

A - Walnut

Dark, rich, luxurious

Walnut, prized for its rich dark chocolate colored grain, can show touches of purples, tans or even reddish hues . Commonly used in mid-century modern and contemporary furniture, its use has been growing in popularity in recent years.

B - Mahogany

Warm, classy, lustrous

Mahogany sports a reddish brown warm tone that often displays an almost iridescent shine in its grain. Its unique “ribbon-like” grain structure gives it an unmatched beauty and its resistance to the elements makes it a favorable choice for outdoor furniture.

C - Cherry

Bold, smooth, timeless

Cherry is famed for its durability as well as its bold colors, varying from a reddish-brown to a light red that highlights a satiny and smooth grain. Its hardness and moderate resistance to denting or scratching make it a wonderful choice for household furniture.

D - Maple

Bright, brilliant, enduring

Maple’s grain patterns are typically smooth and straight, which gives finished pieces a clean, refined look. Combined with the creamy white, bright and light tone, maple is a fantastic option for furniture to brighten up a room.

E - Beech

Strong, modern, unique

Beech, European in particular, has been growing in popularity recently due to how unique the grain and color can look from other domestic hardwoods. Incredibly dense and strong, Beech’s light and warm pinkish hue makes it a great choice for furniture that will withstand time.

F - Red Oak

Traditional, warm, classical

Red oak is one of the most commonly used hardwoods for furniture in the world, frequently seen in cabinets, flooring and paneling. Its open grain structure and orange to red hues give it a rustic and timeless look.

G - White Oak

Contemporary, versatile, distinctive

White oak, similar to red oak, is an incredibly strong hardwood with open grain. It has a browner tone than red oak and hues of light brown to white can be seen in its distinctive grains.

H - Ash

Vintage, rugged, strong

An open grained hardwood similar to the oaks, ash is prized for its extreme durability, affordability, and its naturally rustic look. The light tan, gray and even orange tones combined with its toughness make it a popular choice for household furniture.

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Made from locally sourced handpicked hardwoods and finished with eco-friendly natural oils and waxes. Our furniture is made to last, without leaving a lasting impact on the environment.

Made in the USA

100% handmade in the USA.

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