Our mission is to design and build solid wood furniture that is generational, sustainable, and functional. We strive to bring our customers handcrafted, quality, timeless, and thoughtfully curated designs. From custom furniture to artistic, sophisticated and bold pieces. Creating a space that is clutter-free, relaxed, and calm through our minimalist designs. We pride ourselves in the care, precision, and details of every piece that you will welcome into your home.


The push to finally start our own business was fueled by the pandemic after being laid off from our jobs. We both knew we didn’t want to return to corporate life unless absolutely necessary and starting our own business together was something we always talked about.

It started with a simple antique hand tool picked up at an estate sale that was restored for fun, which developed into a hobby and then grew into a passion. With small steps and bigger strides, we can finally say that we’re building a life worth living and a job worth loving.

In the early stages of brainstorming and building our business, quality and longevity were at the forefront of designing our projects.

  • The Early Days

    Working outside in the Texas heat was no joke. What should have been a relaxing and peaceful backyard, Marisa had to share the space with power tools and sawdust.

  • From Garage To Workshop

    Over time Chris researched, accumulated, traded, sold and furnished the workshop to what it is today. Although, still making changes and new ideas that come to mind, a workshop is never complete. As a matter of fact, it simply continues to grow. 

  • Collecting tools & wood

    In order to save money, we found 95% of what we have through Ebay, Facebook marketplace, Estate Sales, Garage Sales, and family heirlooms. You name it, we bought it! A growing business calls for a growing collection. Which is why the dining room, living room, and backyard are currently storage for our wood supply. Perhaps in time, a warehouse/retail space will come to fruition.

  • Refining your craft

    Starting out with hand tools, then learning how to precisely and painstakingly care for each tool, helped Chris to understand their important role in the process of building each project. Small projects and practice, then over time you have perfection. From cutting boards and coasters to tables and doors. Just a few of the projects that have been done over the past few years. With Marisa’s creativity and Chris’s perfectionism we hope to continue to refine and improve our craft for collections that will compliment you and your home.

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A small business in Texas.